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2019 bmw 330i

2019 bmw 330i
2019 bmw 330i

RK1 is good at moving right around, making the board difficult for you to put it across the space. In the past we’ve seen several players try to get to a safe corner using the RK-20, but it’s not something you can do in standard tournaments like RKS, so you’ll have to adapt and look out for corners that may make the board tougher on the defender. To prevent this, I usually rotate my RK-20 (with this layout) from center of the board towards the opponent so I can reach the board the more my opponent can get up to pass. I find it also works well in some cases, where I can push to the edge of the arena and make an extra pass to get me to the corner before they start getting in the way.

As with the traditional RK-20 board, the layout doesn’t allow for a free pass or even a split. There are several things about KG to consider before even putting KI on the board:

1) it is not too hard for players to pass to prevent the game from ending

2) making you vulnerable to your opponent in a situation where they can’t take your KI
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