Colombia Coffee Beans 250g


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\ 100% Arabica Roasted Coffee Beans from Colombia.
\ No additional sensitive ingredient was added into this product.
\ Roasting Method : Medium  Roast
\ Tasting Note : Velvety mouthfeel of citrus characters with a hint of nutty and tropical fruits.
\ Net Weight : 250g (Did you know? 250g = 18 cups)


\ Best before : 12 months for unopened package. 3 months for opened package.
\ Unopened package : Store in dry ambient temperature and odorless environment.
\ Opened package : Keep in air tight container and store in dark and dry ambient temperature.


To ensure that all coffee beans are selected through a sustainable approach,
our sourcing team works closely with farmers and farms.

​Via ethical and sustainable practice, as well as improving the welfare of those involved
in the process “From Tree to Cup”, we offer only the best possible quality of coffee beans.

Our highly-reliable team of professionals includes Malaysia Barista Champion,
Licensed Q Arabica Grader, Certified Coffee Roaster, Certified Barista Trainer, and more
to perform regular coffee cupping and laboratory analysis for quality consistency.

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